To Change the Nuclear Culture

Scientific evidence shows that radiation safety criteria are about 1000 times too cautious and endanger lives. This is explained simply in two books and several videos and articles. A major change in attitude to radiation and nuclear power is crucial to the future of mankind.

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Monthly radiation doses shown as circular areas:
Red - a dose to a tumour treated in a course of radiotherapy;
Yellow - a dose tolerated by healthy tissue near a treated tumour;
Green - a dose with 100% recovery record (also shown magnified);
Black dot - recommended as safe by regulations (also shown magnified)

Nuclear Is for Life: A Cultural Revolution

Is nuclear power the answer to carbon-free energy? All the evidence points to such an answer and none contradicts it… 
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Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear

For more than half a century, the view that radiation represents an extreme hazard has been accepted. This book challenges that view…
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Short Supporting Articles

The latest short articles around the subject of nuclear energy and radiation.
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Long Supporting Articles

A selection of longer articles around the subject of nuclear energy and radiation. 
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Wade Allison, a Biography…

Wade Allison is Emeritus Professor of Physics at Oxford, where he has studied and taught physics and mathematics for over 40 years, particularly nuclear, radiation and medical physics. He has written a medical physics book and two more accessible books, namely:
1. Radiation and Reason, The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear.(2009) and 

2. Nuclear Is For Life, A Cultural Revolution (2015). 

He has no connection with the nuclear industry but he wants his six grandchildren to live in a world with nuclear power to minimise climate change.
image of Wade Allison

Video Interviews, Tutorials, Press Conferences and Lectures

a lecture for 300 teenagers

A Lecture to 300 16/17-Year- Old High School Students  

3 Oct 2014 - 58 mins
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a face to face tutorial with slides

A Face-to-Face Tutorial with Slides   

18 Aug 2014 - 46 mins
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interview for the Institute of Chemical Engineers

An informal interview by a reporter from the Institute of Chemical Engineers  

4 June 2014 - 13 mins 
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CERN logo

A Colloquium at CERN, Geneva  

Oct 2013 - 90 mins
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a boat stranded inland by the a tsunami

Interview in Tokyo following his first visit to Fukushima 

4 Oct 2011 - 11 mins
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Oxford Physics Logo

A Lecture to the Oxford Energy Society  

15 Oct 2012  - 57 mins
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press conference in Tokyo

A Press Conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan on Third Visit to Tokyo

Dec 2014 - 70 mins 
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American Nuclear Society logo

An Interview at the Chicago Meeting of the American Nuclear Society (ANS)

29 June 2012  
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Public Statements and UK Parliamentary Submissions

BBC World Service Viewpoint Written Two Weeks after Fukushima

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To UK Parliamentary S&T Committee, Science in Emergencies Inquiry (2016) 

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To UK Parliamentary Welsh Affairs Committee, Nuclear Power Inquiry (2016)

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To UK Parliamentary S&T Committee, Risk Perception and Energy Infrastructure Inquiry (2011) 

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Some Other Reliable Sites, Information Sources
And References That Accompany Our Books and Articles

Website of the International Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI)


Classic Book on Energy by Sir David MacKay, FRS Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, UIT Cambridge Ltd 2009


Highly Recommended Book by Henriksen, Radiation and Health, 2015 edn. 


Reference Article about Nuclear Radiation and Health Effects on the Website of the World Nuclear Association


Pandora's Promise, by Robert Stone, a Professionally Produced Video by a Distinguished Group of Environmentalists Who Have Changed Their View of Nuclear 


Website of the Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE)


A Textbook on Medical Physics - Fundamental Physics for Probing and Imaging, Oxford University Press (2006)


Book on the Politics of Nuclear - Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda by John Mueller ISBN 978-019983709 (2012) Oxford University Press


With No Humans and Unworried by Radiation the Wildlife Is Multiplying at Fukushima. Evidently Humans Are the Problem, Not the Radiation or the Wildlife. 


Video on Chernobyl Wildlife (2012) Discovery Channel 


Triggered Pictures of Wildlife at Chernobyl Reported by BBC (2015) 

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