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Longer articles on nuclear energy and radiation to download, read and share. Check back for further postings. 

by Blog Admin 24 Aug, 2017
We have survived on planet Earth more successfully than other animals through an ability to think rationally. In the past 60 years, we have stopped thinking and become scared of the solution to our predicament. Now we should turn around.
by Blog Admin 03 Aug, 2016

Lectures in Jakarta

by Blog Admin 31 Mar, 2015
Invited lecture at the Scientific Advisory Meeting on Radiation, Tokyo.
by Blog Admin 02 Mar, 2014

Lecture at IChemE Conference

by Blog Admin 08 Dec, 2013

A lecture at AGORA Conference, Tokyo, and the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

by Blog Admin 04 Sep, 2013
Best for the environment and the world economy too. Only fear, ignorance and blind regulation stand in the way.
by Blog Admin 17 Jun, 2013

A lecture to the Scottish Nuclear Medicine Group.

by Blog Admin 25 Jun, 2012
An invited talk at the 2012 Chicago Meeting of the American Nuclear Society.
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