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Nuclear Is for Life: A Cultural Revolution

“This is a major work, extremely well researched, and will become a major resource for people with a real interest in nuclear energy…” 
Harold Bolter, OBE

About the Book

Date of Publication: December 2015
ISBN: 9780956275646

Is nuclear power the answer to carbon-free energy? All the evidence points to such an answer and none contradicts it. 
Life has evolved towards increased protection against radiation, and high doses are used to cure cancer. Nuclear radiation is rarely life-threatening - at Fukushima there was no radiation casualties at all. The evidence from such accidents, from medicine, from the physical and biological sciences, all tells us that the increased use of nuclear should be safe and beneficial to life on an overcrowded planet.
Current radiation regulations are not based on science: they come from 70 years of social reaction to a phobia. How did this happen, historically? The book provides explanations and answers to this and many other questions. 
With an open informed culture, it concludes, nuclear energy could supply carbon-free electricity at low cost. Nuclear power should be freed from science-blind restrictions and help save the planet as we know it. 
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“A summary. By examining the evidence, Professor Allison suggests nuclear power would be cheap if normal levels of information, education, safety and design were applied. He examines myths, prejudices, vested interests, illogical regulations and strained relationships within the scientific community. But nobody would be frightened of radiation if the Second World War had not ended with two nuclear bombs killing over 100,000 people, Professor Allison argues, correctly in my view. This is a major work, extremely well researched, and will become a major resource for people with a real interest in nuclear energy rather than those hoping to see their prejudices confirmed.”
Harold Bolter OBE
“A summary. The South Australian Royal Commissioners looking into nuclear energy and politicians, both state and federal, should read this book - so should all the NGO and green activists who assembled in Paris (COP21). It is a "tour d'horizon" of the scientific understanding of radiation and the human body. Its simple central message is that we have been mistaken about the hazards of nuclear power. Some of this has been wilful and some well intentioned. In brief, for living tissues, the present regulatory approach is wrong. Living tissue repairs itself. This is a thorough and excellent work that should be widely read and discussed.”
Tom Quirk - posted Monday, 8 February 2016
“Brilliant info - no nonsense (or non-science)! Governments have pandered to vocal people and groups about the "dangers of nuclear". Humans have evolved with radiation. Professor Allison should be applauded from the rooftops for this work. ”
John Assheton on 28 Mar 2016
“This book should have been an important input for the decision-making processes at the World Climate Conference in Paris 2015, the Cop 21. The implications for future supplies of energy, fresh water and food are far-reaching for our polluted and crowded planet. This book is an enlightening and thrilling must-read.”
U Hoegg on 28 Dec 2015
“Daft Greens and gullible politicians ..... continue to portray nuclear power as a fate worse than death. Prof. Allison shows them up for what they are: ignorant scaremongers. He accuses them of radiophobia. Radiation is part of our natural existence and man has adapted to it. Current safety limits owe more to Hiroshima and Nagasaki than scientific observation and exaggerate risk a thousand-fold.”
Sir Bernard Ingham in Yorkshire Post, 3 Feb. 2016
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