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by Blog Admin 27 Jul, 2017

Post Euratom the UK should base nuclear energy regulation on real evidence, not 60 yr old propaganda, aka LNT/ALARA.

by Blog Admin 22 May, 2017
An article: Fear of nuclear power is a relic of 20th Century culture.
by Blog Admin 08 May, 2017
Life has developed protection against radiation. The contribution of regulation is largely ineffective, superfluous, expensive and even dangerous.
by Blog Admin 26 Apr, 2017
There are fundamental limitations on using and storing energy that cannot be worked around.
by Blog Admin 15 Mar, 2017
The German Energiewende is mistaken. Biological and medical evidence confirms the safety of radiation and the availability of nuclear power to mitigate climate change safely.
by Blog Admin 06 May, 2016

Building a nuclear power plant involves risk and money like any large project. Both risk and money should be balanced.

by Blog Admin 10 Apr, 2014
You pay extra for what you insist on – and the more you insist, the more you pay. That is the law of the street and it applies to the safety of nuclear radiation.
by Blog Admin 22 Mar, 2014
Concern about high-level nuclear waste tops many lists of public worries.
by Blog Admin 03 Oct, 2013
An after-dinner address to the Oxford and Cambridge Dining Club of Geneva.
by Blog Admin 08 May, 2013
Science should thrive in a spirit of scientific optimism, but today it is mired in a bogus safety culture.
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